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A1D++w77Z9LAzalea, Unschooled
By Liza Kleinman
Illustrated by Brook Gideon
Published by Islandport Press
Ages 8-12

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When Azalea’s family moves to Portland, Maine, so that her father can try driving a tour bus for a living, Azalea’s mom decides she wants Azalea (11) and her older sister Zenith (13) to try unschooling. The sisters try to find the right balance between homeschooling, unschooling, and adjusting to a new home. And when someone sabotages the tour bus, Azalea decides to use her new unschooling methods learned to find the culprit and hold her family together. The author deftly explores, with humor and insight, the new and growing unschooling movement as well as the challenge of moving to a new home, making new friends, and finding room for differences within a family.

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